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This course walks you through all the basics of using Unreal Engine 5: from installation, all the way through building your first scene using Quixel Megascans and the built-in features of Unreal.

The course is designed for total beginners, in order to teach you everything you need to know before taking the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers course, or just to help guide you through the early stages of learning Unreal. if you take this course, you will be ready for the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers course.

If you are brand new to Unreal Engine, or if you just want to get a better foundational understanding of Unreal, this is the course for you. The focus of this course is exposing you to the important functions and processes you will need to become familiar with as you learn Unreal Engine, and to explain them in a way that allows you to follow along if you choose. It is important to me to teach not just the “how” but the “why” of each process, as I believe that is what gives the best foundational understanding of any learning material.

Enrollment in this course is completely free. You simply need to make an account with boundless-resource.com and you are ready to go.

Software used in this course


  • Unreal Engine 5.0 (Free)

    Course Information


    • Estimated time: 3-5 days
    • Difficulty: beginner
    • Categories: unreal engine


    Sam Eisenhower

    Sam Eisenhower

    Director, Cinematographer, VFX Artist, Lead Content Creator

    Sam Eisenhower is the founder and primary content creator of Boundless Entertainment. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer and VFX artist with a total of twelve years experience in the field.

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    1. Keeran Nicholls

      As a newbie indie filmmaker , I’m excited to get started


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