Unreal Engine for Filmmakers Free Beginner Course

Create Films for Free in Unreal Engine 5.3

The Unreal Engine for Filmmakers Free Beginner Course is an online course delivered via pre-recorded video tutorials, designed for anyone looking to learn the basics of filmmaking, pre-visualization and visual effects in Unreal Engine. View the Course Breakdown below for more details.

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“Sam’s course has completely altered the trajectory of my career. Not only has it made me more comfortable in a program previously unknown to me, but it allowed me to snag first place in a video contest hosted by Sam Kolder’s “Kolder Creative” and LensDistortions.com. 

The course is easy to follow and extremely user-friendly. It follows a structure you can fall back on if you ever need a refresher on a topic, however, if you ever need more help, Sam is incredibly attentive, kind and was quick to respond to every question I had. To any filmmaker, whether you’re a beginner, like me, or a seasoned veteran in the industry, this content is absolutely priceless. It’s allowed me to bring my wildest dreams to life and can definitely do the same for you.”

Jacob G.

Director, VFX Artist, INEFFA Productions

“I came across Sam’s YouTube channel while looking for VFX based Unreal Engine content. I was intrigued and watched an intro tutorial which spiked more interest. Sam explains the content very well and in plain English. The pace of his videos are also very easy to follow. Sam seems to be very well versed with the VFX industry and I truly enjoy every bit of his courses. I bought the UE5 advanced course and I now know so much more! Thanks Sam and keep up the good work!”

Hussin K.

CEO, EFXCO Creative Skills

Amazing experience, Sam is a wonderful instructor and is such a knowledgeable individual. I went from zero 3D animation experience to making full movies! His courses are worth thousands but only cost a fraction of a fraction!

M. W.

(Google Review)

I was very impressed by the quality and depth of the course they provided and the tools to help enhance creative workflow in Unreal Engine. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and the course covered everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques for creating stunning cinematic scenes with Unreal Engine. I highly recommend it to anyone who have interest in Unreal Engine for filmmaking.

Kenny L.

(Google Review)

I’m in the middle of the course but I can already see the full potential of it. It’s easy to understand and apply. I recommend it a 100% for all people working in the film industry and want to step into the world of unreal.

Douglas G.

(Google Review)

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Course Breakdown:

Day 1 – Getting Started with Unreal Engine

  • Basic terminology for film & visual effects
  • How to create a VFX shot from start to finish
  • Installing & setting up Unreal Engine

Day 2 – The Basics

  • Basic menus & navigation in Unreal Engine
  • Working with photorealistic 3D meshes & assets
  • Getting started with Materials, one of the fundamental building blocks for any Unreal Engine scene

Day 3 – Creating your First Unreal Engine Scene

  • Professionally organize your project with industry standard Naming Conventions
  • Scene creation techniques – landscape creation, lighting & atmosphere, working with cameras
  • Basic animation

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