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Boundless Entertainment is a brand I’ve created out of my own frustrations with trying to bring my visions to life on the big screen. Film production has always been an incredibly expensive field, from the tools and editing software, to the cost of manpower necessary to bring a project to fruition. But just because it has been impossible for Indie filmmakers to achieve large-scale production quality in the past, doesn’t mean it should always be so.

That is why it is my goal to provide tools, software, and training for Indie filmmakers that help them to achieve any vision they desire when it comes to their film productions, at a low cost. I know this is possible because I have done it myself, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.


 a community focused on growth.

The purpose of this community is to provide a source of ever-growing resources for Indie filmmakers to master their craft through online learning, communication with other artists, and direct interaction with industry professionals. Our focus is on the visual side of filmmaking, with emphasis on post production, visual effects, and cinematography.


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Sam Eisenhower

Sam Eisenhower

Director, Cinematographer, VFX Artist, Lead Content Creator