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This course covers how to import your Unreal Engine renders into your compositor, how to properly extract the tools and Render Passes you’ve included in your render, and finally how to utilize those tools and Render Passes to composite almost anything into your scene with ease.

Compositing using your Unreal Engine Render (Adobe After Effects & Fusion demonstrated in this course)

  • Learn to extract the information and tools you’ve encoded into your footage from Unreal Engine and utilize them when compositing your final image
  • Add fog, depth of field, and motion blur after rendering from Unreal by using the Z-Depth Pass & Motion Vectors Pass.
  • Eliminate the need for rotoscoping & enhance your compositing skillset by accessing Object IDs (Cryptomatte), Z-Depth & Stencil Layer data from your render
  • Composite live-action elements into your Unreal Engine renders with maximum efficiency and realism

Software Needed

  • Adobe After Effects (Paid) – nearly all techniques in this course are demonstrated in After Effects
  • Blackmagic Design Fusion (Paid, included with DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic cameras) – Accessing Render Passes, Adding depth effects, and using the Motion Vectors Pass demonstrated in BMD Fusion

In this course, you will learn industry-standard techniques for compositing a visual effects shot rendered from Unreal Engine 5.

A basic understanding of either Adobe After Effects or Fusion is recommended before enrolling in this course. Check out the other parts of this course here:

PART 1 – Scene Building

PART 2 – Cinematic Rendering

Or, enroll in all three parts of this course at a discounted rate here.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2-4 days (Runtime 1 hr)

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Sam Eisenhower Sam Eisenhower Author

Sam Eisenhower is the founder and primary content creator of Boundless Entertainment. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer and VFX artist with a total of twelve years experience in the field.

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