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What does it mean to be a member?

Joining one of the boundless-resource.com membership plans means exclusive access to more in-depth, insightful content not available anywhere else.

the boundless entertainment youtube channel provides a great deal of free learning content for filmmakers and vfx artists. but for those who want to take their skills and knowledge about the world of film and vfx to the next level, joining one of the memberships below is the best way to do so.

What do you get out of a membership?

there are two different membership levels available on the website which are listed in the pricing table below. each provides a different level of access to the website, ranging from exclusive youtube video and post content (silver membership), all the way to full access to the website, including all courses, and all new website content for a yearly fee (platinum membership).

The difference between joining one of these memberships and enrolling in a course is that the membership content will be consistently updated with at least two new videos and posts per month, and may cover a wide range of topics from filmmaking to visual effects and more. many of the posts and videos will be more of a deep-dive into the basic content covered on my youtube channel.

Screen Grab from exclusive youtube content

Over 45 minutes of training included in the very first exclusive video and much more to come!

Becoming a member is a great way to support the channel and the boundless entertainment community. the more members i have, the more time and resources i can dedicate to creating high-quality content.

My goal is to provide valuable training and resources to the film community at affordable prices, all in one convenient location. i know first-hand that it can be very difficult to find quality training and insight into the processes and details that make big budget films stand out from what your average filmmaker can produce. that’s why i want to open that door for indie filmmakers, beginners, and even industry professionals, to provide real-world knowledge and information from experienced pros working to push the bounds of what is possible in film.

That is why these memberships will include exclusive training and in-depth tutorials not available anywhere else, which will demystify the techniques that go into the top industry films, and give you insight from real directors, cinematographers and vfx artists working in the industry, in addition to my own knowledge, through discussions, video essays, and in-depth tutorials.

Join a membership today and start your path to success in film!

Membership Options

Memberships may be cancelled at any time and will remain active until the next billing cycle.

If you have already purchased a course and wish to purchase a platinum membership, we will provide a discount of up to 25% off. after the first year, you will pay the full cost of the platinum membership. contact us if you wish to upgrade.

Check out our Ultimate bundle

for full access to all unreal engine for filmmakers courses

ULTIMATE Unreal Engine for Filmmakers BUNDLE


Instructor: Sam Eisenhower

Estimated Time: 12-14 Days (Runtime 8.5 hrs)

Difficulty: Intermediate


  1. Rob

    Great site and great courses btw, would like to sign up for the membership but have a quick question – is there a minimum membership period? or can I sign up and pay monthly and cancel after a few months if Im finding I dont have enough time to dive into the courses.


    • Sam Eisenhower

      Hi Rob and thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, for the Platinum membership I have to charge annually, so it is an upfront cost for the whole year. I would prefer to charge monthly but in order to protect myself from dishonest people screen recording the courses and cancelling the membership after a month, I have to do it annually. The Silver membership, however, is billed monthly. If you want lifetime access to any of the courses, you can always sign up for them individually or in a bundle and see how it goes. Then if you decide you wish to get access to more or all of the courses, I will prorate your purchase so that you will only pay the difference in price between what you’ve already paid and the cost of whatever product you wish to upgrade to! You can find the courses here: https://boundless-resource.com/courses-2/
      There is also an Ultimate Bundle available here: https://boundless-resource.com/membership/ultimate-unreal-engine-for-filmmakers-bundle/
      Thanks for your interest and I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Johnny Ray

    Hi. I’m extremely interested in signing up for the platinum membership. Does it come with all the courses such as the Unreal Engine for filmmakers course that you offer a bundle for. I’m really wanting to learn compositing and building worlds in unreal engine for filmmaking.

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Hello and thanks for your interest! My personal recommendation would be to just purchase the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers course ($199): https://boundless-resource.com/ultimate-unreal-engine-for-filmmakers-bundle-build/

      This course bundle contains every course currently offered on the website and I am currently in the process of updating it right now with a ton of new information, which you will gain access to as soon as it’s available with no additional charge if you enroll now. I am most likely going to be phasing out the memberships because I think ultimately it will be a better system for all of you to not have to continue to pay a subscription for access. I want to provide great value and the best deals for you guys, so I want to give you lifetime access to courses rather than charging a recurring fee. I think this will save you money both in the short term and long term! Hope this is helpful!

      • Johnny Ray

        Hi. Thank you for your quick response. I noticed the software required. I already have the Unreal software and Davinci Resolve. I noticed the after effects is optional. Does the course cover using resolve’s Fusion instead of after effects? Thanks again for your time.

        • Sam Eisenhower

          The course does cover using Fusion for compositing, however I definitely go more in-depth in After Effects due to the fact that I have much more experience and knowledge in After Effects. I am going to try to add more information regarding compositing in Fusion in the course updates, but that is my second priority after the Unreal Engine content so it might take a little longer. I have already provided enough information for you to follow along in Fusion and properly composite your Unreal Engine renders though, so I don’t think it will be an issue for you!


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