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  1. amarjyoti borah

    nice one

  2. Roland


    Very interested in your course! Was just wondering if I buy it, would the course be only available for 5-7 days or will it be accessible for a lifetime. Thanks!

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Thanks for your interest! If you enroll you will have lifetime access, as well as instant lifetime access to any content I add to the course in the future – I’m currently working on some new content right now!

  3. rob.englander

    Hi Sam …Enrolled!! ..Really looking forward to digging in and getting savvy with Unreal and your vfx teachings.. 🙂

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Awesome! Thanks for enrolling and I hope you enjoy the course!

  4. email

    Great work!


    I enrolled in the advanced course last night! Can’t wait to get started!

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Awesome! Glad to have you in the community!:)

  6. outtoplay

    Hey Sam, looking forward to digging into the Ultimate bundle. Will you be adding updates? Just watched the intro to the Advanced course, and UE5 info could use an addendum (such as supporting Path Tracing). Obviously you can’t chase after every update as they happen or you’d get nothing else done…lol But 5.1 really pushed the ball downfield.

    Also is the FB group gone? Is there another such community portal? Thanks

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Hello and thanks for your comment! Yes, I am actually in the middle of creating/adding a huge update to the course right now! I don’t have any official dates yet but I’m looking to have the updates posted by the end of February, however I hope to have them completed sooner. All updates will be in UE5.1 and I will also be covering a ton of brand new content as well, including more advanced animation, compositing, and volumetric effects techniques. Also will be diving heavily into the Path Tracer and lighting!

      As for the Facebook group, I did start a Facebook group for the Advanced course but I will be getting rid of it as people are primarily interested in the UE5 for Filmmakers Facebook group, which has been pretty active. If you start the Unreal Engine 5 for Filmmakers course, in the first lesson there should be a link to that Facebook group. Just make sure you enter the password when you are prompted with the Membership Questions on Facebook. Here is the lesson with the FB group info and password: https://boundless-resource.com/lesson/course-intro/


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A man suffering from amnesia searches for whispers of his past in a post-apocalyptic world, while being hunted by human-like “Agents”.

The film was shot in late March of 2021 over four grueling days in Central Pennsylvania, on a budget of under $3,000. Post Production took nearly a year and a half, resulting in a completion date in late July of 2022.

The producers of Gemini are seeking donors and investors to produce a feature length version of the film as it runs the festival circuit.

Behind the Scenes

Gemini was written, directed, shot and edited by Sam Eisenhower and stars Chris DeJesus, Jhei Marie and Ryan Wong, with appearances from Logan Koch and Thomas Michael. The film was produced by Joshua Stanley and Art Direction was done by Mya Anderson, both of whom played key roles in the film’s development prior to shooting.