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coming september 2022


A man suffering from amnesia searches for whispers of his past in a post-apocalyptic world, while being hunted by human-like “Agents”.



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The film was shot in late March of 2021 over four grueling days in Central Pennsylvania, on a budget of under $3,000. Post Production took nearly a year and a half, resulting in a completion date in late July of 2022.

The producers of Gemini are seeking donors and investors to produce a feature length version of the film as it runs the festival circuit.

Behind the Scenes

Gemini was written, directed, shot and edited by Sam Eisenhower and stars Chris DeJesus, Jhei Marie and Ryan Wong, with appearances from Logan Koch and Thomas Michael. The film was produced by Joshua Stanley and Art Direction was done by Mya Anderson, both of whom played key roles in the film’s development prior to shooting.



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