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Learn industry-standard Previs workflows used on Hollywood blockbusters like Dune 2, The Planet of the Apes franchise, and The Mandalorian.

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$74.99 $59.99

See Your Film Before You Shoot It.

Learn to 3D scan real environments into Unreal Engine, then scout, light, and shoot your film before ever stepping foot on set or setting up a single piece of gear.

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Course Breakdown:

Part 1 – Concepts of Previs

  • Become fluent in the key terminology and concepts of film, visual effects & previs
  • Learn the steps and techniques behind the NexGen Previs process

Part 2 – Unreal Engine Beginner Training

  • Master the basics of Unreal Engine, including navigation, lighting, materials, animation, & working with 3D meshes
  • Learn to create stunning scenes efficiently

Part 3 – Intro to 3D Scanning

  • Learn the industry secrets of 3D scanning
  • Master the rapidly advancing tech behind AR, 3D scanning & real-world capture
  • Tips & tricks for getting the best scans possible

PART 4 – Scanning a Scene

  • Use nothing more than the phone in your pocket to 3D scan massive real-world environments
  • Watch as we walk through each scanning method step-by-step
  • Learn best practices for each scanning method to get the cleanest results possible
  • Discover the best FREE tools out there for capturing 3D scans in any situation

Part 5 – Processing 3D Scans

  • Learn industry-standard workflows for working with 3D meshes
  • Clean up & optimize your scanned scenes for maximum visual fidelity

Part 6 – Previs

  • Become a MASTER of light using Unreal Engine’s physically accurate lighting system, and see EXACTLY what your lighting will look like on-set
  • Light your scene using virtual versions of real light fixtures from brands like Aputure & Arri
  • Block out scene staging, character placement & movement
  • Create ENDLESS cinematic lighting setups in your 3D scanned environment & see how it translates to on-set shooting

Part 7 – Case Study – “Gemini”

  • Follow along as we Previs an ambitious night scene from my award-winning short film, Gemini
  • Learn how industry professionals use Previs to plan complex VFX shots
  • Use Unreal Engine’s Time of Day settings to plan for the sun’s location at any time, in any location around the globe.

Part 8 – Virtual Location Scouting

  • Use nothing more than the phone in your pocket to virtually scout your location as if you were actually there
  • Swap between lenses, move objects, & fly around your scene to find the best shots and compositions, all from the comfort of your home

Part 9 – Character Previs

  • Scan a real person into Unreal Engine so you can see EXACTLY what your shots will look like
  • Learn to animate ANY character in Unreal Engine
  • Create a Previs animation using characters

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