Unreal Engine 5 for Filmmakers



Building a photorealistic scene inside of Unreal Engine 5

This course is a full guide to creating the scene you see above, literally from the ground up. the point of this course series is to provide you with training and an in-depth understanding of the filmmaking and vfx process in unreal engine 5 through creating. diving in and working on your skills through the creation of a real scene is the best way to learn this great tool, and that is exactly what this course will allow you to do.

In this course, you will learn industry-standard techniques for building, rendering, and compositing a visual effects shot from start to finish inside of unreal engine 5, adobe after effects, and/or blackmagic design fusion.

It is recommended you take the free unreal engine 5 for beginners course before engaging in this course if you are new to unreal engine or have limited experience. a basic understanding of either adobe after effects or fusion is also recommended before enrolling in this course.

This course bundle contains three parts, listed below. You may enroll in any of the parts individually, or you may enroll in all three by purchasing the course bundle. by purchasing the course bundle, you will be granted access to all three courses immediately. It is recommended you follow the courses in the order which they are presented, for best results and the best outcome.

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Instructor: Sam Eisenhower

Estimated Time: 12-14 Days (Runtime 8.5 hrs)

Difficulty: Intermediate


Sam Eisenhower

Sam Eisenhower

Director, Cinematographer, VFX Artist, Lead Content Creator

Sam Eisenhower is the founder and primary content creator of Boundless Entertainment. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer and VFX artist with a total of twelve years experience in the field.


  1. ahmad najib

    Hi im interested in this course, however i do not have nuke, how much of an impact will this be, i know theres a free version for nuke, will this suffice? and im a complete beginner to ue and never touched nuke, will i still be able to do this course?

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Hello and thanks for your comment! This course actually is more focused on Adobe After Effects and Blackmagic Design Fusion for the compositing side of things, but the same concepts apply for Nuke. There is a free version of Davinci Resolve which includes Fusion, which has most of the features you’ll need to follow along I believe. If you’re a complete beginner to Unreal Engine I’d recommend taking my free Unreal Engine Beginner course, which goes over all the basics you’ll need to know before taking this course. You can find it here:https://boundless-resource.com/course/unreal-engine-5-beginner-course/

      Hope this is helpful and thanks again for your comment!

  2. Atul Bodra

    Do we need 3d element in After effects?


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