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Course Intro & Information

This course goes over the basics and much more. It shows all the must-have’s in your Unreal Engine scene, but leaves out some of the more detailed, technical aspects of scene building in Unreal Engine, such as Runtime Virtual Texturing, asset blending, advanced material techniques, and advanced lighting techniques. Purchase the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers – Advanced Course for these lessons.

This course will guide you through the creation of an entire scene (final results shown above) primarily in Unreal Engine 4.27, with several lessons in Unreal Engine 5 and steps that transfer between both versions. Lessons range from setting up a landscape, using blend materials and vertex painting, all the way through building your scene, lighting it, adding volumetrics, and setting up your final render. For the full syllabus, scroll to the bottom of the page. Each lesson is listed for you.

The course is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of Unreal Engine to be able to pick it up and create a stunning scene using industry standard techniques. Given the instructor’s background in film, the course is geared toward filmmakers and walks through the entire process of creating a scene from scratch and integrating with live action footage.

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Software used in this course


  • Unreal Engine 4.27 (Free)
  • Unreal Engine 5.0 (Free)
  • Quixel Megascans (Free)
  • Adobe After Effects (Paid)
  • Boris FX Mocha AE (Included w/Adobe After Effects)

Course Information


  • Estimated Time: 3-5 days (Runtime 3.5 hrs)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Categories: Unreal Engine



Building a Landscape in Unreal Engine 5


Setting up a Landscape in Unreal Engine 4

Building the Scene

Foliage & Decals

Building Structures with Megascans Assets


Cameras in Unreal Engine

Compositing in Unreal Engine

Finishing the Scene

Rendering From Unreal Engine

Integrating Unreal With Live Action Footage



Sam Eisenhower

Sam Eisenhower

Director, Cinematographer, VFX Artist, Lead Content Creator

Sam Eisenhower is the founder and primary content creator of Boundless Entertainment. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer and VFX artist with a total of twelve years experience in the field.


  1. mobarak.youssef.email

    Do you i need this if i already took the free beginner course?

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Thanks for your comment! No, this is a stripped down version of the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers Advanced Course, and was meant as an affordable option for people who just want the basic information in the course. I would personally recommend the Ultimate Bundle, which includes the Advanced Course and the UE5 for Filmmakers Course at a huge discount! You can find it here: https://boundless-resource.com/membership/ultimate-unreal-engine-for-filmmakers-bundle/
      Hope this is helpful and thanks again for your comment!

  2. Alex

    Hello, does this course includes project files?

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Hello, yes it does come with the destroyed building and textures, which is all you should need for this project!

  3. Alex

    will there be any discount on black Friday for example?

    • Sam Eisenhower

      The course is actually already discounted 40% off for a limited time! If you check my YouTube channel (Boundless Entertainment), I release discount codes on there in my video descriptions as well.

  4. jpalquisola11

    so i purchased the ultimate bundle. 🙂 do i need this course or the free beginners course should be fine?

    • Sam Eisenhower

      Thanks for your purchase! No, everything in the basic course is included within the course you purchased. The basic course is just a cheaper option for those who want to try it out and save some money. Thanks again and hope you enjoy the course!


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