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Important Note:

THERE IS A BUG IN UNREAL ENGINE 5.3.2 which does not allow you to have both Path Tracer Pro and LightForge enabled at the same time – only one of the two plugins will be visible in the “Window” menu. To fix this, simply disable Path Tracer Pro, because LightForge contains all the features of Path Tracer Pro and more.

This release is only supported in Unreal Engine 5.2.1, 5.3.1 & 5.3.2. Please select the appropriate version when downloading the product (for 5.3.2 & 5.3.1, use the 5.3.2 download), according to what version of Unreal Engine you are using. You can access your downloads here. If you would like to see support added for another version of Unreal Engine, contact us.

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