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Important Note:

THERE IS A BUG IN UNREAL ENGINE 5.3.2 which only allows you to access one plugin at a time from the “Window” menu.

If you have any other plugins enabled that are loaded via the “Window” menu, you will need to disable them to get LightForge to show up in the “Window” menu. Once it shows up, dock the LightForge window somewhere in your editor. You may then re-enable your other plugins and LightForge should remain docked in your editor when you close and re-open your project.

You may also load in the Editor Layout available below, which will automatically load up LightForge if you have it enabled in your project. Watch the Troubleshooting video below for more information.

NOTE: This release is only supported in Unreal Engine 5.2.1, 5.3.1 & 5.3.2 and is only supported on Windows. Please select the appropriate version when downloading the product (for 5.3.2 & 5.3.1, use the 5.3.2 download), according to what version of Unreal Engine you are using. You can access your downloads here. If you would like to see support added for another version of Unreal Engine, contact us.

Installation Guide

Demo Video


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